Time management resources, tips, and tricks

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As a freelancer, effective time management is crucial. Freelancers typically work by themselves and this can lead to a lack of motivation to keep moving forward with their work. If you are finding it difficult to increase your productivity and need that little extra push to get you more active in your industry, then consider the following simple time management strategies that are guaranteed help you have better productivity while freelancing.

Use Productivity Apps

If you are struggling to be productive during your work schedule, then download some productivity apps to get you motivated. Some of these apps track your schedule and remind you of important appointments. Other apps help you get focused on prioritizing at work. The goal is to find an app that fits your needs and motivates you to manage your time more effectively.

Start Planning

Do you ask yourself, how can I plan my workday so I can accomplish what I need to? Well, first you have to start planning. Whether you use your Smartphone’s calendar or your own personal planner, you need to keep yourself organized through a planner. Write out your goals and appointments in your planner at the beginning or end of every week to avoid getting behind schedule at work.

Track your time

Analyze how you are spending your time to get a better picture on where you are spending your time and how you can more efficiently use your time. One way to do this is is through time tracking. As a freelancer, much of your pay is determined by an hourly rate that is agreed upon in your contract. To get the most done during this time, one idea is to consider scheduling blocks of time where you stay focused on one project. This is just one of many time management resources.

Start with your most important tasks

One very under utilized trick to improving time management is to start with your most important tasks first. This will help you accomplish more and keep you motivated to move on to smaller tasks.

Get up earlier

An extra way to find some uninterrupted, highly productive time is working on your projects in the early morning before everyone else is up.  Use this time to get ahead on your daily tasks or to plan your workday, start by making an alarm clock part of your daily routine.

The key to productivity and time management is working with your schedule, sticking to it, and committing to the process. Doing so will enable you to get much more done in your work week.